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About Me

My name is Avninder Sangha.  I was born in Canada, raised in India, and returned to Canada where I have lived since 2004. I awakened to my spiritual journey in 2008 after suffering from years of chronic anxiety, depression, and suicidal attempts.  At that point in my life, nothing was working out for me and I felt every aspect of my life was blocked.   

On the day of my awakening, a life changing event occurred for me.  I felt myself inexplicably drawn to pick up a copy of "New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. I started reading the book. The next day, I had an out-of-body experience in which I connected with and felt the oneness and unity of all life. This experience inspired me to search deeper on my spiritual journey. I found one of Doctor and Master Zhi Gang Sha’s books, “Soul Wisdom”, and a few weeks later,  when I started to read it, my spiritual channels opened up instantly. I was filled with light; my life started to shift; and I became a student of Master Sha in 2009.

Over the next 7 years, I attended many of Master Sha’s workshops, healing events, and retreats all over the world. I learned many ancient spiritual soul healing techniques, ultimately becoming a Master Teacher, Disciple, and Worldwide Representative of Master Sha in 2015.


Additionally, I started to experience my own connection with many spiritual realms, spiritual teachers, & guides. I discovered my deep, personal connection with Divine Mother Kuan Yin, the goddess of compassion, whom I honor and serve with her healing power and connection. Apart from soul healing and teaching, one of my passions is to help women to be empowered through my workshop, free online classes, and charitable donations. 

Every day, I am inspired to go deeper to heal and transform my own life continuously. Through my everyday work, I am able to experience deeper insights, deeper spiritual experiences, including experiences of unconditional love for myself, others, and the Divine.  I am inspired to never stop growing and learning!

In 2016, I established a soul healing business in Brampton, Ontario, Canada.  Tao Happiness Joy  offers soul healing services, personal consultations, Akashic Record readings and spiritual blessings to people suffering from physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual challenges in their lives.

I started my soul healing business so that I can help others who have also suffered physical and sexual trauma from abuse at a young age, or who have experienced severe depression,  feelings of unworthiness, and lack of self-love and purpose.  I know through my own personal experience how difficult living a “normal” life can be if you’ve suffered like I have.  

I am empowered to serve anyone who is put in my path.  Please allow me to serve you!


My Certifications

  • Divine Healing Hands Healer

  • Tao Hands Practitioner 

  • Akashic Record Reader

  • Divine Soul Teacher and Healer

  • Guan Yin Lineage Holder

  • Master Teacher

  • Divine Soul Communicator

  • Tao Calligraphy Soul Healer

  • Tao Dance Healer

  • Da Tao Soul Song/Soul Dance Healer

Avninder Sangha-Colwell (Avi)


Phone: 4168175417

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