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Every Action filled with Light Matters...

Updated: May 24, 2019

Dearest beloved souls, I love you all.

Recently I have been hearing a message about increasing my alignment with the light. I was shown by Heaven how every action of the light supports humanity and all souls. How our choices at this time on Mother earth can make a difference.  How can we align with light more? The message I received was by aligning our speech, thoughts, actions, behaviors, attitudes, and more with light. What are you doing to stay connected to light? Please ask yourself this question. This question can reveal so much to you.

Last year, I started to notice too much negativity in others. I felt I was being shown this for a reason. I felt I had to do something. It really started to affect me. Then one day Heaven intervened and said, “Why are you worrying about others negativity? Where is your love for them? Clear your heart my beloved daughter and the Karma law will take care of them. Heaven is most fair.” This is how I learned to come out of my judgments of others. I want to do my part, that is, to unconditionally love and accept all. Are you also focusing what is wrong in others? Please stop. Heaven said we could express concerns factually and then let go. If you are in the position and power to make a change, please do it, but if you are not then please don’t hurt yourself. Where you put your mind is where energy goes. You don’t want negativity to grow. Clean your heart and soul.

Today Let us do a practice to align us with light more. It takes time to change some old patterns but Let us ask Heaven to shift these patterns for us.

Dear Soul Mind and Body of my spiritual fathers and mothers in Heaven and Mother Earth.

I love you so much.

Please align my speech with the light.

Please align my actions with the light.

Please align my hearing/listening with the light.

Please align my thinking with the light.

Please align my seeing with the light.

Please align my senses with the light.

Please align my soul, heart, mind and body with the Light.

Please align my whole being with the light.

Please help me to bring light to Mother Earth through this alignment so it can help everyone.

Please align my will with Divine’s will.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We will chant “God’s Light, God’s Light, Gods Light”.

Let’s chant for 10 minutes to feel a shift.

I will chant now with you.

I feel a deep shift in my heart and soul. Continue to practice as long as you can. Chant for the whole day. Visualize your being filled with this beautiful bright golden light.

Today I would like to offer a blessing for aligning you with light in an aspect that you need the most. Please leave your name in the Comments below. I am grateful and honored to serve you.

Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for allowing me to serve you.

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