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Message Can Heal You Or Hurt You ...

Updated: May 23, 2019

Dearest all, I love you so much. 

Today, I would like to share a very recent learning experience. This experience awakened me to the power of message through speech. I realized, how our speech could affect others in both positive and negative ways. 

Recently, I was at a gathering and a long time friend was sharing his life situation with me. In his speech, he projected his own current life situation, which is negative onto me. I knew in that moment that this person was projecting, and inside my heart I said to myself that this is not my reality. I came home from the gathering happy. At home when I started to work on my daily tasks, I felt quite scattered. I started to feel what my friend had said. I couldn’t believe the feeling was so strong. My partner recognized that what I was feeling was not truly my reality, so he asked me to clear any negative messages that I might have picked up that day. As I cleared negative messages, in my 3rd eye, I saw my friend’s face and the message from him being removed. Instantly I felt better. I totally changed in a second. This experience awakened me to be aware of the messages that we are giving to each other. The messages could be delivered through speech, thoughts, actions and feelings. What kind of messages do you want to share with the world? Heaven truly wants us to share the messages of ‘Love, Peace and Harmony’, ‘Hope’, ‘Good Health’, ‘Light and Love', ‘Happy’, etc. What happens if we share negative messages? I received guidance that when we share negative messages, we create new karmic blockages for ourselves. What goes around comes around. What kind of reality you want to create for yourself really depends upon you. Please choose love and light.

I realized we are absorbing what is in our environment. We are truly affected by everything that surrounds us. What kind of messages are you listening to? Please pay attention. What kind of TV shows and movies do you watch? What kind of things you agree too? Some souls are so powerful even if you don’t agree to the message still the message can affect you like my friend's message affected me. Let us apply the soul power techniques heal negative messages in our body.

"Dear Soul Mind Body of all the souls in my body, I love you so much. I really really love you. You have the power to transform all negative messages from social media, TV shows, movies, friends, family and people to purest love and light. 

Thank you Thank you Thank you"

Speak you Soul Language for 10 min. Visualize Incredible golden light transforming all negative messages in your body. Your soul has the power to heal you. Please do this practice to heal messages every day.

If you don’t have your soul language out yet then chant the mantra ‘God’s Light’, ‘God’s Light', 'God’s Light’.

Now we will do a practice to transform our own way of giving messages to others and ourselves.

"Dear Soul Mind Body of My speech, thoughts, actions and feelings, I love you, honor you and appreciate you. From today, Please offer messages of love and light to everyone. I am so grateful. Thank you Thank you Thank you."

Speak you Soul Language or Chant the Mantra ‘God’s Light’ for 10 min.

Please leave your name in comments below to be part of my blessing list. I will be chanting with your souls for 'awakening to serving with positive messages in your life'. Please share your insights in the comments section. Please scroll down to the end of this page. I am grateful to serve you.

Thank you for being part of my soul journey. 

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