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You are the Hero of your own story.....

Updated: May 24, 2019

Dearest beloved souls, I love you so much.

I am guided to write about you. 

I am guided to honor you and your story.

I am guided to see your beauty.

I can see that you are the hero of your story like everyone else is the hero of their story.

In doing so, I honor myself. I honor my story. I honor my beauty. I allow myself to see myself as the hero of my story.

We are all looking for hope, here and there. We are continuously seeking confirmation or validations for our actions. Why? We all know that something doesn’t flow anymore. We know that our beloved Mother Earth needs help. We know that humanity needs help. We know all souls need help. We can feel the collective consciousness now pleading for transformation. I have been meeting so many light workers, now more than ever, because there is a need.

How can you contribute? My answer is by feeling well on this planet. We can feel each other. We know if one heals, the effects of that healing goes farther than that one soul. The family, co workers, romantic partners, friends and Mother Earth benefits. How can you feel well on the planet? Again the answer that came to me is by making others feel well. What goes around comes around. Let us help each other to see the hope. Let us see each other not as more or less, but equal as souls. Let us be kind to each other. Let us support to each other. Let us start forgiving each other. The forgiveness will bring peace to your own heart that will extend to Mother Earth.

Please continue to actively work on yourself. This is your contribution. No matter what has happened to you in your life. You can make the choice to heal yourself. You are truly the hero of your life. From today on, please do not compare yourself with others. You know what you have been through, and what lessons you have learned. The lessons are unique to your soul. 

You might ask how can I make this choice of healing myself? Simply by connecting to your own soul. Say hello to your own soul. Let us do this together.

“Dear soul, mind, and body of my soul, I love you so much. I would like to start healing from today. Please heal me my beloved soul. Please guide my life. Help me to see all that needs to be healed in me. Help me to find the right Master or teacher for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Please speak your soul language or soul song for 10 min. 

if you don’t know about soul language or soul song, please read from Master She’s books, for now you can chant ‘God’s Light, God’s Light, God’s Light’.

If you know there is something that needs to be healed, do not wait, but actively transform it. Connect with your soul to heal that part of you. Master Sha shares ‘Soul is the Boss’. Soul can heal. Connect and say hello. 

Today I would like to chant with your souls for awakening further to healing yourself. Please leave your name in comments below for this chanting blessing.

Remember you are a Hero. Remember your feelings matter on Mother Earth. Remember that you can make difference. 

Thank you for being part of my soul journey.

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